Classical 91.5

Ways to Listen & Connect with Us

As always, you can find WXXI Classical on the FM radio dial at 91.5 or listen right here with our streaming player at the top of the page. 

We've recently become aware of an issue with our streaming and on-demand audio players that prevent them from playing in certain browsers.  Here is an example of how to make our streaming player re-appear on Firefox browsers: 

Find the small 'plug-in' icon in the location bar at the top left of your browser and click an option to allow plug-ins on our site.  Although our site has a non-flash player available, some browsers are still blocking our entire player.  Enabling Flash on our site only is harmless, and (for now) the easiest way to get the audio players working again.  We are in contact with our site developers to try to improve the way this works in the future.

Today Smart Speakers are taking the place of traditional radios in many homes.  Here are three simple steps to set up your Amazon smart speaker to play Classical 91.5.

Through voice commands, just ask, “Alexa, play Classical 91.5.” Instantly, Alexa will bring you a live, digital stream of our broadcast, so that WXXI is with you wherever you go.

  • First, download the Alexa app to your smartphone. Then ensure that you have your correct device location selected by choosing “Settings” from the app menu, selecting your device, and scrolling down to “Device location.” A precise street address will help make Alexa’s results more accurate and catered to your needs.
  • To browse your local radio stations, go back to the app menu. Select “Music, Video & Books” and scroll down to “tunein.” Ensure that your device is selected in the drop down box at the top of the page. Select “Local Radio” and there you will find all the local stations in your area. Select a station and it will play through your Dot or Echo.
  • To set this station as a favorite, click the music player icon on the bottom right of the screen. Press “Queue”, flip open the arrow, and here you can select this station as a favorite. Now, this station and other favorites can be easily accessed in the “tunein” tab on your Alexa app.

Watch for instructions about using Google Home, Apple HomePod, and more. In the meantime you can try, “Ok Google, play Classical 91.5.”

Listen Live on desktops & laptops using the player above...

or through iTunes, VLC, or other similar apps with this URL: (a small 'playlist' file will download to your computer which can then be opened in these other programs to hear our stream).


On iOS and Andriod Devices we recommend WXXI's mobile app which is available for free download. Just search for 'WXXI'! 

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