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Celebrating Apollo 11: the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing

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On July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the moon and we all heard that famous statement, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."  WXXI is celebrating the 50th anniversary on all of our services and we're inviting you to share your memories of where you were at that moment when Neil Armstrong took that step onto the moon's surface.  Below you'll find:

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The moon, the stars, the planets, the heavens and the universe have all inspired composers through the centuries.  In celebration of Apollo 11's moon landing, Classical 91.5 will be presenting heavenly inspired works during the week of July 14 - 20. Here's a listing of the pieces and the hour in which they will be heard (time within each hour will vary).

Reflections on the Moon Landing

Jun 19, 2019

The opera buffa Il mondo della luna was first performed on August 13rd, 1777 in Hungary. Written by Joseph Haydn (libretto by Carlo Goldini), it tells the story of an astronomer who tricks a rich aristocrat into marrying off his daughters. The astronomer does so by convincing the aristocrat he has been transported to the moon, and puts on a bogus marriage ceremony featuring the ‘Emperor of the Moon’ and the rest of his court (played by himself and the aristocrat’s daughters).