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Witches, ghosts, and devils - these traditional fixtures of the halloween season are no strangers to the operatic stage. You can find witches advising Macbeth in Verdi's opera and ghosts of opera characters of old reanacting their tales in John Corigliano's Ghosts of Versaillesas well as plenty of devils in Gounod's Faust, Boito's Mefistofele, and others. 

A few operas really stand out to me as being particularly creepy, beyond the apperance of a touch of the supernatural.

Just in time for Halloween, The New York Philharmonic brings to life Rachmaninoff’s The Isle of the Dead, a musical interpretation of Arnold Böcklin’s haunting symbolist painting. Set the mood for the holiday on the 10/28 broadcast.

Anticipating Halloween's arrival, Edmund Stone takes listeners on a journey through film's scariest soundtracks. On 10/13 we'll find out what scares you, 0n 10/20 it's a Monster Mash and on 10/27 we'll dive into Steven King for a show to hear how frightening things emerge from the ordinary--and how music emerges from both.

Join host Candice Agree to hear Halloween's favorite instrument, the theramin, give you goosebumps all over. El Día de los muertos has never sounded so frightening.

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A presentation of the scariest and darkest classical film scores from Night on Bald Mountain, to the horror classic Bride of Frankenstein and its comic cousin, Young Frankenstein, host Lynne Warfel takes us on a musical ride through popular film scores for Halloween.

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The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty...Dracula? There's someone you might not expect to find on stage in a classical ballet.

New York State Ballet is performing Dracula this weekend at RIT. Capturing the spirit of this classic horror tale in ballet took some creative thinking about the characters, as choreographer Rob Royce explained, along with sharing the story of his artistic journey and what has brought him to Rochester.  


The Haunting Music of Broadway, 10/29/16

Oct 27, 2016

In celebration of Halloween, join host Robert Hammond for a spooktacular edition of Stage Notes.  He’ll feature chilling songs from Broadway musicals and the movies, including The Phantom of the Opera, The Omen,  Sweeney Todd, and, of course, Michael Jackson's Thriller.

The Accursed Huntsman. The name is even creeper in French: Le Chausseur Maudit

This oft overlooked orchestral gem by Belgian composer Cesar Franck was part of the program that I got to hear with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra this past week. It's full of dramatic and creepy effects in the orchestra, as the piece follows the journey of the Count of the Rhine who gets himself in trouble by deciding to go hunting instead of going to church on Sunday. While he's out in the woods, a voice cries to him, "Accursed hunter, be thou eternally pursued by Hell!" And thus, an infernal hunt commences, where the count is now pursued by demons and imps.


With Halloween around the corner, it's a good time to add Franck's Accursed Huntsman to your playlist – along with these other creepy, haunted classical pieces.