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In his day, Marc-Antoine Charpentier was prolific, popular and, unlike so many composers, not lacking for funds. He wrote in virtually every genre - oratorios, motets, even theatre music - but one of his most beloved works was his Christmas Mass, or Messe di minuit pour Noel. A regular offering in our Holiday Songbook, this is no somber sacred work. Charpentier used at least ten carols in his Mass, making it as dancelike as it is devout. 

Time for math! Pegasus Early Music started this season with a concert called Viol Cubed featuring, in case you didn't already guess, three brilliant viol da gamba players: David Morris, Lisa Terry, and Beiliang Zhu.

Let's hear it for the ladies! On March 2, 2020,  Pegasus Early Music presented "Nevertheless, She Persisted" in Downtown United Presbyterian Church--a concert of women playing works by women.

Pegasus Early Music is celebrating its 15th season, but Artistic Director Deborah Fox decided to give us a present: A Baroque Noel. In December, 2019, master lutenist Paul O'Dette took to the podium to lead a chamber choir and Baroque orchestra for an evening celebratory Christmas concert that left the audience cheering.

Pegasus Early Music is about to begin Season 15. Founder and Artistic Director Deborah Fox has rounded up three brilliant viola da gamba players to begin this landmark season. David Morris, Lisa Terry, and Beiliang Zhu will all be in our studios to play, and to chat with host Julia Figueras. It's a performance that will be simply viol, Friday September 20 at 1 PM.  The show repeats on Sunday, September 22 at 1 PM.

Venice in the 17th century was an extraordinary time, filled with innovations in science, art, and music. In November, 2018, Pegasus Early Music and Artistic Director Deborah Fox, took us back in time to hear some of the composers of that era, with a special spotlight on Barbara Strozzi.

Mastering one instrument is hard. Mastering a second is harder still.  Playing both in concert? Formidable.

Photo: James Michael/City Paper

Henry Purcell: Selections from Dido and Aeneas 

It was the Dog Days of summer, so what better time to mount an opera? And so Pegasus Early Music did just that, staging Henry Purcell's only opera, Dido and Aeneas in August, 2017 at the Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center. While Pegasus Early Music is known for its chamber concert series, Artistic Director Deborah Fox saw Purcell's opera as an extension of chamber music, with a small orchestra and a large cast.