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Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann blazed a path for women in music, composing and soloing at a time when it was unheard of for women to have a professional career in that world. Yet, we still hear murmers of discontent: she was mean, she wasn't supportive of her husband Robert, she neglected her kids. This "soft misogyny," as pianist Heather O'Donnell calls it, has tainted the legacy of a great artist. 


For two weeks in August we'll hear the music of Johannes Brahms and learn more about his life and close friendships with both Clara and Robert Schumann. As referenced through popular culture like the movie Geliebte Clara, Clara Schumann and Brahms may have been romantically involved.  Tune in to learn more.  Plus we'll continue with a celebration of Leonard Bernstein's 100th.

  Clara Wieck Schumann was one of the most distinguished German pianists of the 19th century. She was one of the first to perform from memory, making it the standard for concert performance. She and her husband Robert mentored the young Johannes Brahms, and Clara was the first to perform Brahms’ music in public.  Listen to Clara's Piano Works.  

This post is part WXXI Classical 91.5’s celebration of Women’s History Month. For more of these stories and other resources, check out Celebrating the Contributions of Women to Classical Music.