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#2 Ludwig van Beethoven

Aug 28, 2016

Symphony No. 7

Although Beethoven was one of the most recognized composers of his time, he was not always the most popular or beloved.  His 7th symphony however, was welcomed by Viennese audiences at its premiere on December 8, 1813, with Beethoven conducting.  Audiences noted its energy, beauty and hopefulness of a victory over Napoleon.  Dedicated to both Count Moritz von Fries and Russian Empress Elisabeth Aleksiev, it was performed three times in the 10 weeks following its successful premiere.

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#35 Ludwig van Beethoven

Aug 28, 2016

Symphony No. 3 in E-Flat, Eroica

In Italian it means,”Heroic.” Beethoven was serious. It was the longest, most sweeping and confrontational symphony of its time. When he finished it in 1803, the composer dedicated it to Napoléon, a man he thought was a democratic hero of the French people. According to the story told by Beethoven's student Ferdinand Ries, when Beethoven heard the news in late 1804 that Napoléon had crowned himself Emperor of France, he was so disgusted that he violently erased Napoleon’s name from the manuscript, leaving holes in the title page.