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  • Hosted by Edmund Stone

The Score with Edmund Stone is a weekly celebration of symphonic music in film. Movies present listeners with the most common musical experience, and host Edmund Stone, a trained Shakespearean actor from England, presents a musical experience with timely box office tie-ins and themes.  With carefully crafted talk-sets, memorable musical elements and enticing production aesthetics, The Score is an unparalleled exploration of the musical experience that makes film such an indelible activity.

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Fathers play a big role in many movies, and in the June 20th broadcast host Edmund Stone honors them with several movie scores, including that from Indiana Jones.

The Score celebrates Mothers on May 9th with some of mom's favorite film music. Pictured here is a scene from The Joy Luck Club.

Swashbucklers on The Score, April 2020

Mar 24, 2020

Movies are filled with timeless stories of beautiful romance, vicious jealousy, and epic sword fights. Those sword-fighting heroes are the focus this month on The Score. Music will be included from movies like The Princess Bride, The Sea Haw, and Pirates of the Caribbean

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The Score with Edmund Stone explores the music of movies featuring Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o (3/21). Nyong'o has received acclaim for her performances in Black Panther, 12 Years a Slave and Star Wars.

Fall in Love with The Score, February 2020

Jan 22, 2020

Just in time for Valentine's Day, The Score with Edmund Stone is featuring music from some of the most beloved romantic movies of all time. Music featured includes: Pride & Prejudice, The Princess Bride, Gone With the Wind and Sleepless in Seattle. Tune in on 2/8 and fall in love.

Known for her versatile character portrayals, Jack Nicholson is one of the most prominent American motion-picture actors of his generation. This month host Edmund Stone shares music from this 'A' list star's films (1/25).

Host Edmund Stone takes us on a month-long journey through some of the great holiday movies through the years.

The Score pays tribute to Academy Award-winning British actress Dame Judi Dench through the music of her extensive film career.  (11/30 - Saturdays at 10am and 6pm)

It's a whole month of film music for the season, with host Edmund Stone. Saturdays at 10am and 6pm.

9/7       Epic Childhood Adventures  Movies from our youth as we look back with nostalgia to: The Goonies, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big, Toy Story, ET, Hook, How to Train Your Dragon, The Incredibles, and The Wizard of Oz