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Saturdays at 11am and 7pm

GAMEPLAY is a new show from Interlochen Public Radio that celebrates the vast worlds of videogame music. Each episode brings the music, composers and performers to life.

Host Keith Brown

Videogames are an undeniable cultural force, and serve as a fantastic point of entry to classical music for listeners of any age. Each week listeners will be taken on an adventure through one of today’s most exciting art forms, featuring amazing musical variety, new releases, beloved classics and rarely-heard gems.

Host Keith Brown brings infectious enthusiasm and a lifelong passion for music and videogames. His extensive skill set as a producer, professional opera singer, voice actor, narrator, and teacher make him the perfect host to lead listeners on this weekly adventure.

The month begins in the frozen world of Skyrim, then we’ll look for the secrets held by an island in the Scottish Hebrides, go on a walk through the beautiful but mysteriously empty English countryside, and experience the life cycle of a planet.  Travel with us through the magical worlds and musical scores of video games. Saturdays at 11am and 7pm.

Some say that classical music audiences are dwindling and aging out.  But the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra is actively working to change that scenario with its commitment to the next generation of listeners, visionary programming collaborations with video game composers, and educational offerings that include regular school and family concerts.

Beginning Saturday, July 3, 2021 at 11am and 7pm WXXI Classical will be adding a new show to our schedule called GamePlay with host Keith Brown.  Keith is a trained opera singer, a professional voiceover artist, and currently is the full time afternoon classical host and producer at Interlochen Public Radio (IPR). Keith also has ties to Rochester and calls it his second home.

WXXI Classical kicks off a brand new series in July 2021 that explores the excitement and diversity of videogame music.  GamePlay with host Keith Brown presents music that the whole family can enjoy.  Don't miss it.  Saturdays at 11am and 7pm.