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WXXI's Fascinatin' Rhythm presents of popular American music from Stephen Foster to Stephen Sondheim, in the context of their relationship to American history. Every week, host Michael Lasser offers a rich mix of singers, songwriters and songs to explore the history and themes of American popular music.  LISTEN to this past week's show below.

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Fascinatin' Rhythm: Maceo Pinkard, 4/8/17

Mar 26, 2017

Program # 1715

Maceo Pinkard was the first African American composer to work with many white lyricists.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Business Girls, 04/01/17

Mar 20, 2017

Program # 1714

When young women first moved to the big city, they changed the world by supporting themselves.


Program # 1713

Drawing some circles around one of the most important songs in the history of the movies.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: First Pop, 03/18/17

Mar 6, 2017
Confetti Park

Program # 1712

From Charles Harris’ After the Ball to recordings by Paul Whitman’s Orchestra, four landmarks in the history of American popular music.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Lucky Lindy, 03/11/17

Mar 6, 2017
Fishwrap -

Program # 1711

More than 100 songs commemorated Lindbergh’s flight in May 1927. - Tumblr

Program 1709

After they wrote rock and roll hits, they turned to a darker strain of cabaret songs—for adults by adults.


Program 1708

Ragtime songs had a habit of singing about themselves—in syncopation, naturally.

Program 1707

Chocolates (Hot and Dandy)

Two of the most exciting All-black revues of the 1920s, when African Americans returned to Broadway.

Fascinatin' Rhythm Program 1706

I Do the Best I Can with What I've Got

The night stretches out but the years whiz by, and life happens to happen—parceled out in a hundred popular songs.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Seven Remarkable Nights

Jan 4, 2017

Fascinatin' Rhythm Program 1653/1701

WXXI Broadcast: 1/7/17

A single week in 1925 when four major musicals opened on Broadway, one was Rose-Marie.