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  • Hosted by John DiLiberto

Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin is a daily radio program that delves into a wide assortment of topics in classical music. Each five-program series builds off a single theme ranging from composer biographies to explorations of various cultures, musical styles, and time periods.

Detailed playlists for each program are available at the full Exploring Music program site.

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Embracing fall's arrival, Bill McGlaughlin explores composers' different interpretations of the autumnal and Halloween season, drawing from the works of Mahler, Glazunov, Brahms, and others. 


Week of September 3, 2018 - Songs of Parting  Adiós, adieu, sayonara, vale, zàijiàn — no turning back this week as Bill takes a look at musical farewells: from Purcell’s Sonata for Trumpet, to Bach’s Capriccio to his eldest brother, to Romeo’s parting in Prokofiev’s ballet Romeo and Juliet. Prokofiev’s use of the mandolin cleverly sets this ballet in Italy and note the saxophone expressing Romeo’s poignant exit.


For two weeks in August we'll hear the music of Johannes Brahms and learn more about his life and close friendships with both Clara and Robert Schumann. As referenced through popular culture like the movie Geliebte Clara, Clara Schumann and Brahms may have been romantically involved.  Tune in to learn more.  Plus we'll continue with a celebration of Leonard Bernstein's 100th.

Learnodo Newtonic

Exploring Music travels from Spain to Russia right here in the USA, and includes an exploration of music inspired by paintings like The Parasol by Francisco Goya. 

Exploring Music

Week of June 4, 2018 - Gustav Mahler, part I - An Austrian composer who thought, “A symphony should be like the world: it must embrace everything.” With his ten-plus symphonies, Mahler’s world extended horizons beyond anything known to concert audiences. His vision stretched the boundaries of the orchestra, of the symphonic form and even this radio show! Join us for two full weeks on the symphonies of Gustav Mahler.

This month, host Bill McGlaughlin takes to weeks to Explore the life and music of Dmitri Shostakovich, one of the most important composers of the 20th century.

Bill visits a time before The War that was known as the guilded age for music.


Week of March 5, 2018 - Intimate Voices: Conversations with Samuel Rhodes and David Finckel - This week Bill has conversations with two chamber musicians with over 100 years of great music-making experiences between them: Samuel Rhodes, former violist of the Juilliard Quartet, and David Finckel, former cellist of the Emerson Quartet and co-Artistic Director of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. Rhodes describes the musical dialogues exchanged by the Juilliard Quartet, and we will listen to them performing Ravel, Carter, and Brahms.

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And you can get to Carnegie Hall and go backstage and hear about its history and some of the amazing musicians who have performed there by tuning into Exploring Music the week of Feb 19th with host Bill McGlaughlin. 

Week of January 1, 2018 - The Music of London, Part II - Week two of the music of London continues with visits from continental composers. Haydn’s last 12 symphonies were inspired by London. Geminiani and Mendelssohn wrote music using material from their visits, and the German-born composer Handel spent most of his life in England. After the death of Handel, music of London went into a decline, until about one hundred years later, when the wandering minstrels Gilbert and Sullivan started engaging us with songs and snatches, and awakened London’s creative spirit.