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From voices to music strummed and plucked, Feminine Fusion for October 2020

Sep 26, 2020

women singing together

Research suggests that an activity as simple as singing could reduce stress, help to improve well-being and quality of life for people dealing with chronic disease.  In the 10/24 episode we'll hear more about women lifting their voices in song.

10/3      Elemental Music: Earth  Grounding, centering, solid - music inspired by the earth

10/10    Patchwork Quilt, Part XXII  Another episode of women's music - just for the beauty of it

10/17    Plucked, Part 3  Works for guitar, harp, and harpsichord

10/24    Voices Raised, Part 4  Women singing together with voices raised in stunning harmony

10/31    Strung Along, Part 2  String music from soloists and ensembles