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Nov 27, 2018

Credit San Diego Symphony

Meet your local American orchestra on Youtube, getting creative and making us laugh.  Here are a few promotional videos that caught our eye.

The San Diego Symphony promises that going the orchestra will turn you into a better you!

The Detroit Symphony makes us smile!   Watch Mozart show up early for his own festival and make the most of his time extra time alone in the concert hall:  

No puppets here.  The New York Philharmonic is severe, sophisticated, and steeped in urban history:

Ironic.  The LA Philharmonic, arguably living on the cutting edge of classical music in America, offers a fairly standard overview of its upcoming season:

This low-tech video uses star power to promote the Houston Symphony's season opener:

Who wouldn't want to chill in front of the fireplace with these guys?  Sign us up.  Our own RPO conductors are so friendly and approachable!

The Atlanta Symphony is all about warm fuzzies and community spirit:

What happens when members of the Dallas Symphony are running late?  Is this even legal?

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