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Tue 4/9, 7:00am Pegasus Early Music presents a selection of songs by Barbara Strozzi

Mar 29, 2019

Venice in the 17th century was an extraordinary time, filled with innovations in science, art, and music. In November, 2018, Pegasus Early Music and Artistic Director Deborah Fox, took us back in time to hear some of the composers of that era, with a special spotlight on Barbara Strozzi. Strozzi was the most extraordinary of all  in Venice: a woman who was not only one of the most performed composers of the day, but also an independently wealthy landowner, in a time when women didn't have property, money, or careers. 

Top, left to right: Deborah Fox & Laura Heimes, Shari Alise Wilson, Debi Wong. Bottom, left to right: Andrew Fuchs, Jonas Budris, Steven Hrycelak

Many people came to literally sing Barbara Strozzi's praises. Sopranos Laura Heimes and Shari Alise Wilson, mezzo soprano Debi Wong, tenors Jonas Budris and Andrew Fuchs, and Steven Hrycelak all lent their voices to the songs of Strozzi. Deborah Fox and friends did the rest.

Listen to Barbara Strozzi's Il contrasto de cinque sensi.