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Thu 4/23 @ 12:00p Madrigalia sings Shakespeare

Apr 7, 2020

It's April 23, the day we celebrate the birth of the Bard of Avon. Of course, we don't know what day Shakespeare was actually born on, but we do know that he was baptized on April 26, 1654 and died on April 23, 1616, so we have embraced April 23, giving a nice symmetry to the life of one of our greatest poets and playwrights.

Shakespeare's work has inspired innumerable  writers, artists, playwrights, and composers in the centuries after his death, and Madrigalia explored the lexicon in the concert "Brush Up Your Shakespeare." This is a suite of three settings of the Bard's beautiful words, including one by Madrigalia's Music Director, Cary Ratcliff. This was recorded at the Clover Center for Arts and Spirituality on June 18, 2019.