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Sun 4/12, 6:00a Pegasus Early Music plays Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre's Trio Sonata No. 2 in Bb

Mar 31, 2020

Let's hear it for the ladies! On March 2, 2020,  Pegasus Early Music presented "Nevertheless, She Persisted" in Downtown United Presbyterian Church--a concert of women playing works by women.

One of the composers represented was Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre. Elisabeth Jacquet was born into a family of musicians, and her first musical instructions were from her father. A child prodigy, her talents were noticed when, as a young girl, she played for King Louis XIV, who took her into his court to be educated. One of the few successful women musicians of her day, Elisabeth's reputation as a sublime harpsichord player and composer never waned; even after marrying organist Marin de la Guerre, she continued composing and perfoming, to the delight of many.  

Here is one of Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre's Trio Sonatas, played by violinists Adriane Post and Boel Gidholm, viola da gambist Lisa Terry, Naomi Gregory at the harpsichord, and Pegasus Artistic Director Deborah Fox with the theorbo.