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The Spanish Hour, October 2018: An Instrumental Halloween

Oct 1, 2018

Pictured: Clara Rockmore, known as ‘the greatest thereminist of all time’

Join host Candice Agree to hear Halloween's favorite instrument, the theramin, give you goosebumps all over. El Día de los muertos has never sounded so frightening.

10/1      Los Maestros/Modern Masters  Chamber works by Spanish composers of the 20th and 21rst centuries: Turina, Evangelista, and Greco.

10/8      Los Maestros mexicanos del siglo XX/20th century Mexican Masters A selection of classics by the Holy Trinity of 20th-century Mexican composers: Manuel Ponce, Silvestre Revueltas, and Carlos Chávez.

10/15    La Zarzuela barroca / Baroque Zarzuelas Don’t confuse the 18th century zarzuelas we’ll hear this week with the popular operettas and lyric operas popular in Spain from the 1850s through the mid-20th century. These early zarzuelas ingeniously mix Greek mythology with Spanish folkloric traditions.

10/22    Classics of the Spanish Violin Hand-picked favorites from the Spanish violin repertory of the second half of the nineteenth century, featuring works by Sarasate, Monasterio and Fernández Arbós.

10/29    El Día de los muertos/Halloween Though a North American holiday, Halloween is now celebrated throughout Spain and Latin America. Perhaps no instrument can give you la piel de gallina/goosebumps like the theramin can, so of course, we’ll feature that early electronic instrument. We’ll also hear some fun and scary music from Spain and South American, including the complete El Amor Brujo/Love, the Magician by Manuel de Falla.