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The Score, October 2018: A Halloween Movie Marathon

Oct 1, 2018


Anticipating Halloween's arrival, Edmund Stone takes listeners on a journey through film's scariest soundtracks. On 10/13 we'll find out what scares you, 0n 10/20 it's a Monster Mash and on 10/27 we'll dive into Steven King for a show to hear how frightening things emerge from the ordinary--and how music emerges from both.

10/6      Anti-Heroes Music to movies featuring loveable rogues, including Han Solo, Jack Sparrow, Robin Hood, Mad Max, John Rambo, Gamora and Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy), Wade Wilson (Deadpool), Scarlett O’Hara,  Thelma and Louise, and Lisbeth Salandar (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

10/13    They Know What Scares You How composers create music that tells us emotionally what to feel in an onomatopoetic way, including Jaws, Aliens, The Thing, It and Batman (clowns), Snakes (Indiana Jones and Snakes on a Plane), Spiders (Arachnophobia), Vampires, Zombies

10/20    Monster Mash or Monster Mash-Up Including Jurassic World, The Fly, Frankenstein, Silence of the Lambs, Cabin in the Woods, Godzilla, The Babadook, Cloverfield, A Quiet Place, and Vincent Price (aka The Merchant of Menace) talks to host Edmund Stone about his monster roles.

10/27    Stephen King, The Master Of Horror  How this popular author turns everyday things into things we fear, including clowns (It), hotels (The Shining), proms (Carrie), farmland (Children of the Corn), dogs (Cujo), Cats (Cat’s Eye), cars (Christine) … then there’s Firestarter, Pet Sematary, and Misery (a fan out of control)