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Sat 4/18, 5:00p Pegasus Early Music performs Suite in D Major by Marin Marais

Apr 2, 2020

Time for math! Pegasus Early Music started this season with a concert called Viol Cubed featuring, in case you didn't already guess, three brilliant viol da gamba players: David Morris, Lisa Terry, and Beiliang Zhu. Joining the fun were Pegasus Artistic Director Deborah Fox with her theorbo and Leon Schelhase at the harpsichord.

Marin Marais was the king of the viol, working in the court of Versailles for almost 50 years as a musician and composer. He wrote multiple books on viol style and techinique, and is credited with creating some of the first programmatic works, including one called "The Gall Bladder Operation," which includes notations like "he screameth." This Suite is D Major is not as thematically colorful, but equally exciting musically.  It was recorded on September 22, 2019 in the Downtown United Presbyterian Church.