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Sat 4/11, 12:00p Society for Chamber Music in Rochester plays Bolling's Suite for Violin & Jazz Trio

14 hours ago

Let's return to the Society for Chamber in Rochester's April, 2019 Baroque and Blue concert for one of the most popular crossover pieces in classical music: Claude Bolling's Suite for Violin and Jazz Piano Trio. It all started in 1975 when jazz pianist Bolling released his Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio with Jean-Pierre Rampal to rave reviews and huge sales. And it's still selling--the SCMR played it with Rebecca Gilbert in March, 2017 for a packed house.

Bolling gave the concept another try two years later, putting the violin front and center, and releasing the album with another sassy cover...and massive sales once again. Here are Juliana Athayde, co-artistic director of SCMR with jazz guys Jeff Campbell (double bass) and Eric Metzgar (drums), and Chiao-Wen Cheng, one of Rochester's most versatile pianists...and clearly up to the challenge...with a rollicking rendition from April 7, 2019.