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Pipedreams, October 2018: A Visit to East Texas

Oct 1, 2018

Tune into Michael Barone's 10/14 show, as he revisits moments from East Texas' 2017 Pipe Organ Festival in anticipation of the 2018 event. This five-day gathering features renowned organists from around the world, including Graham Barber and Johann Vexo. 


10/7      What’s New?  A sampler of some recently installed, or reinstalled, instruments here and there.

10/14    East Texas Treasures  Highlights from the previous year’s East Texas Pipe Organ Festival as this year’s festival prepares to launch.

10/21    500 Years of Italian Organ Music  An overview of organ repertoire from the cradle of classical music, Italy.

10/28    Honoring Anniversaries   Of composers and performers who reached significant milestones in the year 2018.