Classical 91.5

Performance Rochester 2019

Feb 24, 2020

Mon 4/1 @ 8:00a  Publick Music performs Breval's Trio No. 2 from Cello-bration!
Tue 4/2 @ 12:00p  Madrigalia performs three songs from their Holiday Concert (Dec 2018)
Wed 4/3 @ 3:00p  First Muse performs Franck's Violin Sonata
Thu 4/4 @ 9:00a  First Muse performs Dohnanyi's Serenade for String Trio 
Fri 4/5 @ 5:00p  Cordancia performs music by Ginastera from Music from South America, Mexico and Cuba concert

Mon 4/8 @ 1:00p  Geneva Music Festival presents Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht
Tue 4/9 @ 7:00a  Pegasus Early Music presents a selection of songs by Barbara Strozzi
Wed 4/10 @ 6:00p  From the MostArts Festival Opening Gala we hear Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 1
Thu 4/11 @ 2:00p  First Muse presents Dvorak's Piano Trio No. 3 in f minor
Fri 4/12 @ 8:00a  VOICES presents music by Josquin DesPrez from their Sing Out, My Tongue concert

Mon 4/15 @ 6:00p  First Muse presents Serenade for Cello and Piano by Marek Harris
Tue 4/16 @ 12:05p  Publick Musick presents Sonata Nona by Marini from Cello-bration!
Wed 4/17 @ 9:00a  Geneva Music Festival presents Faure's Piano Quintet in c minor
Thu 4/18 @ 3:00p  Pegasus Early Music presents Couperin's Suite No. 1
Fri 4/19 @ 1:00p  First Muse presents Dohnanyi's Piano Quintet in c minor

Mon 4/22 @ 7:00a  The Hochstein Alumni Orchestra performs excerpts from Debussy's Petite Suite 

Tue 4/23 @ 5:00p  Publick Musick presents Gabrieli's Cello Sonata from Cello-bration!

Wed 4/24 @ 2:00p  MostArts Festival presents The Moldau by Bedrich Smetana

Thu 4/25 @ 9:00a  First Muse presents Jon Nakamatsu and friends performing Mozart's Piano Quartet in E-flat

Fri 4/26 @ 3:00p  Madrigalia presents a suite of songs from their Earthkeeping concert (May 2018)
Mon 4/29 @ 1:00p  Pegasus Early Music presents Bach's Sonata in G