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Musicians of Rochester: David Temperley

Jan 8, 2020

Composer David Temperley incorporates elements of pop and rock music into classical chamber music
Credit Maya Temperley

David Temperley composes tuneful, expressive pieces in a classical mold, drawing on his experiences with chamber music and influences from the popular music he grew up listening to on the radio. He's also a music theorist who writes about rock music, including in his latest book The Musical Language of Rock

Read more about Temperley and his music in CITY Newspaper this week: "Having it Both Ways. The Music of Rochester Composer David Temperley."

You can also hear his music and story in this radio feature: 

Both of these pieces are drawn from a long conversation we had in the studio with Temperley at the piano, demonstrating some of the ideas behind his music. You can listen to that full conversation online here.  

Special thanks to WXXI Engineer Andrew Croucher for recording this interview.