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Musicians of Rochester: Alma Haddock

Sep 13, 2017

"I'm just always typecast as funny 'cause I happen to be kind of a funny person."

Nazareth College senior Alma Haddock has a problem. With a brassy voice that's been compared to Ethel Merman's, "I never get to do dramatic roles or sing dramatic songs" she says.

To show another side of her musical talent, she's creating a cabaret show. 

"The reason that a song exists is because this person cannot say in words what they want to say. They have to move onto a different level, which is singing. And then all of the sudden they can't use words anymore and they have to use their body and then that's dance, so another level. I just love that aspect of it where it's just combining all of these that are so cool. It's just so satisfying to go out there and sing a song and do a scene with a friend. There's a trust element, too.  That's really important to me."

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