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Mrs. President - The Opera

Nov 16, 2017

Victoria Woodhull ran for president in 1872

In 1872, women didn’t have the right to vote in America, but that didn’t stop one from running for president: Victoria Woodhull.

She was a complicated, fascinating figure from American history – but not as well know these days as  other women’s rights activists of the late 19th century.  Her run for president in 1872 was just the tip of the iceberg. She was a clairvoyant, newspaper publisher, jailbird, stockbroker and proponent of free love. Despite her courage and persistence, Woodhull was viciously attacked by the conservative society in which she lived, a movement which was spear-headed by the powerful and influential preacher Henry Ward Beecher. Woodhull spent Election Day in prison, jailed for revealing Beecher’s secret life, a sex scandal that ignited the public and the press.

Victoria Woodhull is the subject of an opera – Mrs. Presidentwritten by composer Victoria Bond and librettist Hilary Bell. 

Composer Victoria Bond

Victoria Bond is in Rochester to conduct a performance of Mrs. President at the Lyric Theatre this Saturday at 7pm.

Soprano Valerie Bernhardt and tenor Scott Ramsay lead the cast in The Lyric Theatre's CoOPERAtive semi-staged production. The cast also includes Keely Futterer, Nicholas Huff, Jessie Keim, Katie Hannigan, Eric Kessler, and directed by Lindsay Baker. 

Victoria Bond stopped into WXXI's studios to discuss the music, the characters, and how relevant this opera remains today.  Listen to the full interview above, which also includes Victoria Bond sharing some of her experiences as a conductor and composer, including as a Hollywood music ghostwriter.