Classical 91.5

The Moon and the Planets all have a place in Classical music

Jun 24, 2019

Credit WarriorSlave

The moon, the stars, the planets, the heavens and the universe have all inspired composers through the centuries.  In celebration of Apollo 11's moon landing, Classical 91.5 will be presenting heavenly inspired works during the week of July 14 - 20. Here's a listing of the pieces and the hour in which they will be heard (time within each hour will vary).

Sun 7/14
6:00am        Offenbach: Voyage to the Moon

Mon 7/15
7:00am        Dvorak: O Moon, Rusalka
9:00am        Kernis: Musica celestis
12:00pm      Broughton: Moonwalker Suite
2:00pm        Bach: Wie schon…der Morgenstern
4:00pm        Haydn: Il Mondo della Luna Overture
6:00pm        Rodrigo: In Search of the Beyond

Tue 7/16
6:00am        Mozart: on Ah, vous Dirai-je, Maman
8:00am        Blodek: Moonrise, In the Well
12:00pm      Weill: Lost in the Stars Title Song
1:00pm        Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata
3:00pm        Bayer: Sun and Earth
5:00pm        Strauss: Intro & Moonlight Music, Capriccio

Wed 7/17
7:00am        RimskyKorsakov: Nocturno (Clair de lune)
8:00am        Williams: Star Wars Main Theme
12:00pm      Jeanjean: Au clair de la Lune
2:00pm        Haydn: String Quartet Op. 76/4, Sunrise
4:00pm        Debussy: Clair de Lune
6:00pm        Hovhaness: Symphony No. 53, Star Dawn

Thu 7/18    
7:00am        Delius: A Song Before Sunrise
9:00am        Romberg: The New Moon Suite
12:00pm      Strauss: Shooting Stars Waltz
1:00pm        McKay: From a Moonlit Ceremony
3:00pm        Mozart: Symphony No. 41, Jupiter
5:00pm        Mancini: Moon River, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Fri 7/19
6:00am        Bretan: The Evening Star Prelude
8:00am        Fetras: Moonlight on the Alster
12:00pm      Brubeck: Quiet as the Moon  
2:00pm        Holst: The Planets
4:00pm        Helmuth: How Sweet the Moonlight
6:00pm        Sibelius: Night Ride and Sunrise

Sat 7/20
12:00pm        Rodgers: Blue Moon