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Mon 4/9 @ 11:00a Ensemble Perihipsous performs Michael Haydn's Sigismondo Requiem

Apr 4, 2018

Michael Haydn: Sigismondo Requiem in c-minor

In the first century, Longinus wrote a treatise, Peri hypsous, or On the Sublime, positing that words could offer us transcendence beyond ourselves.

Michael Ruhling, director of Ensemble Perihipsous, seeks to take us to that higher plane through works from Haydn's era.

In Christ Christ Church, Rochester's newest period music orchestra, with the addition of  organist Eduardo Bellotti, the Schola Cantorum and singers Laura Heimes, Hailey McAvoy, Pablo Bustos, and Mark Hosseini,  sought to lift us up with Michael Haydn's Sigismund Requiem, a work that may have been inspired by Haydn's grief over the death of his daughter. Both Leopold Mozart and his son, Wolfgang, were at the first three performances of this work, and it is thought that this was the model for Mozart's own Requiem in d-minor.