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Greater Rochester Choral Consortium Virtual Prism Concert, 02/17/21, 3:00pm

Jan 13, 2021

GRCC Virtual Prism Concert
Wednesday, February 17th at 3:00pm

Every other February, the Greater Rochester Choral Consortium (GRCC), a group of 28 member ensembles, presents a PRISM-style concert in Kodak Hall. In a PRISM-style concert, a number of ensembles perform in uninterrupted succession from different locations around the concert hall. Since the 2021 Prism concert will not happen, WXXI presents an encore of a virtual concert with recorded selections from many of the member ensembles. The program is hosted by Dan McInerney, treasurer of the GRCC Board, and journalist Norma Holland, who was to be this year’s Master of Ceremonies.

Click HERE for a detailed program listing of the GRCC Virtual Prism Concert. Please note that WXXI received more recordings than there was time to include in this program. You can enjoy some of the works we didn't have time to include in the broadcast!