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Fringe Fest 7 this fall

Jul 10, 2018
Originally published on July 10, 2018 4:46 pm

Producers of the KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival call it the "Big Reveal," a rundown of the many performers and venues at the annual event, now entering its seventh year.

"Our Fringe will be different from last year because we have so much new talent, so many new ideas. It's going to be fresh, topical and lots of fun," says producer Erica Fee, noting that there are over 500 performances at more than 30 venues in the downtown area.

It's now the largest multi-genre arts festival in the state.

She says the local Fringe festival is often called the "Rochester Model" by other fringe festivals because things are done a little bit differently here.

"One of those things is our big free outdoor show which we hold at Parcel Five.  We're the only Fringe Festival in the world having a big free outdoor show like that," she said.

That big free show will be with London's "Massaoke," a British band that plays the best-loved "hairbrush" anthems -- or songs you sing into your hairbrush .

They'll start the singalong at Parcel Five on September 14th.

Rochester Chamber of Commerce President Bob Duffy says Fringe attracted 78 thousand people to downtown last year, and he expects even more this year.

"People don't realize sometimes, how much economic vibrancy arts and culture brings to Rochester.  It creates jobs, it brings tourists in So I think people should come down and support it.  We want to break over a hundred thousand this year, and the work this team has done, it's no doubt they will," he said.

Producer Fee says last year was so successful, they added another day to this year's festival.

It runs from September 12th to the 22nd.

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Chamber of Commerce President Bob Duffy on how the Fringe Festival benefits Rochester:

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