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Fri 4/13 @ 9:00a The Publick Musick performs music by Telemann

Apr 5, 2018

Telemann: Noveaux Quatuors en Six Suite, No. 2

l. to r.: Steven Zohn, Christopher Haritatos, James E. Bobb, Boel Gidholm

In May, 2017, the Publick Music took us to the salons of eighteenth century Paris, one of the great centers of artistic and intellectual life in Europe. Paris was hopping--one report said you could see a concert every day in the city. So what, you might ask, is a piece by Georg Philipp Telemann doing on the program?

As it turns out, Telemann had a great admiration of French music, and the feeling was mutual. Indeed, the only time Telemann ever traveled outside of Germanic lands was to visit the City of Lights, with his Paris Quartets in hand; all were premiered by the best musicians in the city and to great acclaim. Here is the second of those much-lauded quartets, performed by flutist Steven Zohn, violinist Boel Gidholm, cellist Christoper Haritatos, and James E. Bobb, each playing original instruments.

Listen to the Legerement from Telemann's Noveaux Quatours en Six Suite.