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The Eight Nights of Chanukah - 12/10-12/17/20

Nov 29, 2020


Daily 12/10-12/17 approximately 12:56-1:05pm

The Jewish holiday of Chanukah – the Festival of Lights – is celebrated over the course of eight nights. In a series of radio vignettes called The Eight Nights of Chanukah, WQXR’s Naomi Lewin tells the stories, and talks about the customs of the holiday, including the Chanukah miracle, lighting the menorah, traditional foods, and why Chanukah is so hard to spell. Each of The Eight Nights of Chanukah also contains music for the holiday.

1st Night: The Chanukah miracle.
2nd Night: The story of Judah Maccabee.
3rd Night: Lighting the menorah.
4th Night: Chanukah food.
5th Night: When does Chanukah fall on the calendar.
6th Night: Chanukah traditions.
7th Night: Playing dreidel.
8th Night: Why is Chanukah so hard to spell?