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Corrine Shaffer

Aug 26, 2016

For Corinne, it was love at first dance. A friend brought her to her first swing dance at Groovejuice in 2006, and she's never stopped dancing since. A graduate of Nazareth College where she studied cello, Corinne teaches and DJs for Groovejuice Swing, an organization that specializes in teaching 1920s and 1930s Lindy Hop style dancing. Recently, she's been experimenting with playing jazz music on the violin. "Jazz ties together all of my passions," says Corinne. "The more jazz music I discover, the more I contribute to Groovejuice by DJing."

Corinne started experimenting with the violin at Stringed Instrument Services in Fairport, where she works, and needs to be able to test out violins for customers. She loves that her shop makes music education accessible and affordable. She wants musicians of all ages and backgrounds to believe they can, and not let things like perfectionism or a lack of music lessons hold them back. "Music and dance are for everybody, " she says. "They make life better."
Credit Corrine Shaffer