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Christopher Glattly

Aug 26, 2016

Christopher Glattly, a Rochester-area piano technician, works magic behind the scenes at many of Rochester's notable music venues, including Eastman and Hochstein. But Chris didn't always know he wanted to work on pianos; he discovered piano work through a night class he took at the suggestion of his college piano teacher. Soon after completing a four year program at Michigan State, Chris began working on pianos in the Rochester-area, including concerto instruments for the RPO. Since then, he's had a lot of irons in the fire, tuning pianos at Hochstein, teaching a piano technician class at Eastman and Fingerlakes Community College, and running Glattly Pianoforte, which retails, repairs, and tunes pianos. "In retrospect, it makes sense," says Chris. "I'd been in the basement since I could crawl taking things apart." One of Chris' favorite things about pianos is that they can transport you. "In essence, a piano is a time machine. It's a way of recreating things that were created a very long time ago."

"A piano is a time machine" --Christopher Glattly

To read more about Chris and his piano business, visit his website at Glattly Pianoforte.

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- Alyssa Rodriguez