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Can You Feel It? Synesthesia in Music: August 2018

Jul 30, 2018


Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon where one mode of sensing is involuntarily linked to another form of sensing, such as people seeing colors in music, tasting sounds, or hearing numbers. Many famous composers have been been hypothesized to have this condition, including Alexander Scriabin. Scriabin utilized his condition to his strength, creating a “light organ” to display colors that corresponded to different notes in his pieces. Tune in August 18th to hear his beautiful collection of color!

8/4           Haitian composers - Cellist, music educator, and concert organizer Tom Clowes stops by to talk about the music of Haitian composers. Tom is the founder of Crossing Borders Music, a non-profit music
performance organization that has become the leading interpreter of chamber music from Haiti and Uganda. Some of the composers highlighted are Sabrina Claire Detty Jean Louis, Werner Jaegerhuber, and Michel Mauléart Monton. These composers use their Haitian heritage in creating music that is unique to their culture and Tom Clowes curates a selection that presents a well-rounded perspective.

8/11         Thirsty Ears Festival Preview - The third annual classical street fest returns to the Ravenswood neighborhood on the Northside Chicago. We’ll hear from the artists performing like Amos Gillespie Quartet, Tiffin Brothers, and Mischa Zupko.

8/18         Synesthesia in Music and Visual Art - Scriabin so linked color to his music that he created a “light organ” to display colors that corresponded to different notes in his pieces. In this hour, we find out how color and visual art affect composers and their music.

8/25         Jennifer Koh - Virtuosic violinist Jennifer Koh is known for her commanding performances and technical assurance. Although she performs Tchaikovsky and Bach, she’s interested in finding the connection between the arts and music of all eras, from traditional to now. Jennifer Koh tells us about some of the 60 works that have been written especially for her.