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Bread & Roses: Women in Classical Music, Wed 08/26/20 @ 2:00p

Jul 13, 2020

(photo courtesy of Flowers & Bread)

August 26th marks 100 years since women in America won the right to vote. This important milestone is the starting point for this special broadcast which looks at the achievements of women in music, set against historic, social, and political obstacles which have worked against female composers, conductors, and performers. 


Andrea Blain takes an in-depth look at the ways in which women in music have had to fight for recognition, opportunities and rewards in the same way women fought for the vote. With music illustrations from the world of film, opera, orchestral, choral and chamber music, 'Bread and Roses: Women in Classical Music’ celebrates women and music, striving for equality (Bread) and artistry (Roses).