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Bach in the Subways - Virtual Subway

Mar 19, 2020

Every year for Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday, a spontaneous, global community of musicians unites over a few days by offering performances in subways, public spaces, and concerts open to all. The music is given freely as a gift, and as an invitation to further explore classical music. We've had our own Rochester celebration for a few years now at The Little Café.

Let's keep sharing the joy of music with our friends and family, even though we can't gather in person for our Bach in the Subways community performance at The Little this Sunday.

How will we do this? Here's an idea: pick a day and time that works for you over the next week. Arrange to either Facebook live stream or record a video of you playing a solo piece by Bach (or a small ensemble piece at appropriate social distance with those who are already around you).

Let me know (through email or Facebook) when you will be streaming or posting your video, and I will share it through the event invitation and other platforms. When sharing your recording, you can add these tags: #BachintheSubways2020 #BachBeatsCorona

Another idea to consider: tag a friend of yours who you know plays or sings and challenge them to record or stream something by Bach too.

If you need help with any technical aspects of recording, get in touch with me and I will try to help you out remotely.

One thing I do want to acknowledge is that some folks might be more hesitant to make a recording than to play something live. I feel that way - I'm a bit self-concious about my playing! I am going to push myself to share my music anyway, and I hope you will too. And whether or not you end up recording, I hope you will join us by taking a bit of time to listen to the music that is shared.

Stay safe and keep the music going!