Classical 91.5

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  • Writers & Books
  • 740 University Ave
  • Rochester, NY 14607
  • (585) 473-2590

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Memorable fiction is anchored in detail. It is through detail that we create the world that absorbs the reader. It is through detail that we also address the larger themes of fiction. Using exercises that guide us from the general to the specific, the particular to the universal, in this workshop, we will learn the art of writing detail. David B. Seaburn has written seven novels, most recently, Gavin Goode (2019). His was a Finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award in General Fiction (2011), a second-place winner of the TAZ Awards for Fiction (2017), an American Book Fest Finalist for “Best Book” in General Fiction (2019), and a Semi-Finalist in Literary, Contemporary and Satire Fiction for the Somerset Award (2019). He was shortlisted for the Somerset Award in 2018.

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