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Classical 91.5 Presents...Shine (January 26th)

Join WXXI for Classical 91.5 Presents , a series that spotlights classical music connections in film. Classical 91.5 Presents... Shine , January 26th at The Little Theatre . Live music from the Empire Film and Media Ensemble starts at 2pm at The Little Café , the movie will be shown at 3pm, and WXXI's Julia Figueras will host a discussion afterwards, with pianist Heather O'Donnell and music therapist Betsey King . Shine is a 1996 film based on the true story of an Australian pianist, David...

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Music Therapy in Aiding the Elderly with Memory Loss

Jan 18, 2019

  Before I begin this post, I want to introduce myself, as you most likely have not seen my name on this website before! My name is Ellen Robertson, and I am the Eastman School of Music Arts Leadership Program Spring Intern at Classical 91.5; I am originally from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and now a senior majoring in vocal performance.

Deb Guarneiri is a music teacher on a mission: help people with upper arm disabilities to play the ukulele. 

Playing the ukulele brought her back to music in a difficult time – and she now is inspired to share that source of joy with others.

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Jacquie Manning

What could be better than a night at the opera?  A night at the opera with dogs, of course!  Click here to read about the furry helpers enlisted to make going to the opera a more palatable experience in Austraia.  Dogs are protecting diners around the Sydney Opera House from "malicious, dive-bombing seagulls."

In 1933, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra gave the world premiere of Symphony No. 1 by a then little-known composer named Florence Price. The performance marked the first time a major orchestra played music by an African-American woman.

Price's First Symphony, along with her Fourth, has just been released on an album featuring the Fort Smith Symphony, conducted by John Jeter.

When Rachel Flowers was born 15 weeks premature in 1993, she weighed just one and a half pounds. She lost her vision three months later due to a condition called retinopathy of prematurity. 

But when you talk to Rachel today, there's no sense of loss, disability, or limitations. The 25-year old music prodigy's world is vast and full of potential. By the time she was 4 years old, Rachel was playing Bach fugues on the piano seemingly with little effort. 

Now, with a flourishing music career, she composes her own songs and has befriended and sometimes performs with artists who have inspired her: Arturo Sandoval, Carl Palmer and Dweezil Zappa. 

The globalization of pop music has been under way for a while now, with the sounds and sensibilities of K-pop, reggaeton and myriad other Latinx styles serving as major sources of fuel.

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Jill Rorem, like many Americans, had made some special plans for the holidays. The Chicago native, whose legal work often brings her to Washington, D.C., was finally going to get to see the nation's capital with her arts-obsessed kids.

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