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On Record with Diane Jones, host of Feminine Fusion

On Saturday, April 6, Feminine Fusion joins our line up at 8 PM. The show, which highlights all facets of women in classical music, is produced and hosted by Diane Jones , who is also the midday host at WCNY in Syracuse. Diane took a road trip to our studios to chat with Julia Figueras about Feminine Fusion, the quiet (and sometimes not so subtle) bias against women in the world of classical music, and her journey from executive secretary to composer and radio host.

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I grew up in the NYC area surrounded by a large extended family of first- and second-generation Italian immigrants, most hailing from Sicily. I enjoyed the musical aftermath of our extended family visits where uncles and cousins would play their mandolins and guitars after sharing a traditional meal and lively conversation! 

I recently received one of my uncle’s Gibson mandolins from my cousin that was hanging on his wall and during a recent visit, it was offered and became my current musical obsession.

  First there was one. Then a few. And now many – all over the world. 

In 2010, cellist Dale Henderson played some music by JS Bach in a subway station in New York City. Plenty of people play music in the NYC subways, busking for whatever money people will toss their way.

But this time was different: Henderson declined the money people wanted to throw in his case. Instead, he offered audiences free postcards explaining that his intentions were to sow the seeds for future generations of classical music lovers.

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It’s called Arts in the Loop, and the play on words is partly related to the filling in and revamping of a portion of the Inner Loop.

Jim Doser, director of the Institute for Music Leadership at the Eastman School of Music, is one of the people involved in these discussions. He says the hope is to create art, media and technology exhibits throughout downtown.

Pianist Jeremy Denk's latest album is a musical odyssey. Starting with the austere tones of medieval composer Guillaume de Machaut, Denk travels in time across the keyboard all the way to the 20th Century landing on the atonality of Karlheinz Stockhausen and the minimalism of Philip Glass.

In Chicago, musicians have gone on strike. The players in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, one of the country's top orchestras, let their contract expire on Sunday, March 10, and performances scheduled for this week have already been canceled.

The National Women’s Hall of Fame announced the 2019 inductees Friday night at a ceremony in New York City.

The ten women inductees are: 

Gloria Allred, an attorney who has often focused on women’s rights.

Angela Davis, a political activist and university professor.

Sarah Deer, an attorney and university professor who has worked to end violence against Native American women.

The Yale Russian Chorus is in Rochester this week.

The ensemble, made up of Yale University students, was established in 1953 and has traveled from The White House to the former Soviet Union and all across the U.S. over the last 66 years.

Today, as they did in the height of the cold war, they think of themselves as cultural ambassadors, or “diplomats of song,” as then-Senator Hubert Humphrey once called them.

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