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Valentine's Day

Wednesday, 2/14/18, 12:00 p.m.  

The renowned men’s ensemble Cantus presents music from the ensemble’s project The Four Loves, an exploration of romantic, familial, friendly and unconditional love, recorded on January 6, 2016 at Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis, MN.  Host Alison Young and the nine men of Cantus talk about the project. 

Broadway in Love, 2/11/17

Feb 8, 2017

For more than a century, Broadway musicals have captured the hearts of theater lovers, but beyond the razzle-dazzle and spectacle, it’s the emotional numbers at the heart of shows that make them special to us.

Plenty of musicals explore love, whether it’s messy, unrequited, passionate or toxic.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, host Robert Hammond has assembled some romantic Broadway numbers that celebrate the beauty of love from musicals across the ages.