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WXXI's Fascinatin' Rhythm presents of popular American music from Stephen Foster to Stephen Sondheim, in the context of their relationship to American history. Every week, host Michael Lasser offers a rich mix of singers, songwriters and songs to explore the history and themes of American popular music.  LISTEN to this past week's show below.

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Fascinatin' Rhythm: Seven Remarkable Nights

Jan 4, 2017

Fascinatin' Rhythm Program 1653/1701

WXXI Broadcast: 1/7/17

A single week in 1925 when four major musicals opened on Broadway, one was Rose-Marie.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Yip & Cole, An Unlikely Duo - 12/24

Dec 18, 2016

Program 1652

12/24    Yip & Cole, An Unlikely Duo – Cole Porter, apolitical, and Yip Harburg, a man of the left, joined together in a skeptical view of life inseparable from their defining wit.

Cole Porter and Yip Harburg are songwriting heroes individually, but their paths crossed many times during their careers.

Program 1651

12/17    Irving Berlin and “What’ll I Do?” – Irving Berlin's song "What'll I Do?" plunged him into stardom, but where did he go from there?  How Irving Berlin got to one of his greatest standards and where it took him next.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Broadway Soliloquies - 12/10/16

Dec 4, 2016

Program 1650  - Broadway Soliloquies

12/10  – Rodgers and Hammerstein were some of the first storytellers to look into the mind of characters on Broadway.  With their new emphasis on character, soliloquies in song became central to telling the story in Broadway musicals.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Three Decades of Ballard MacDonald

Nov 27, 2016

12/3 Classic American songwriter Ballard MacDonald made a name for himself everywhere he went, from Broadway to Hollywood. MacDonald moved successfully from Tin Pan Alley to Broadway to Hollywood, scattering hits along the way.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: The Little Things - 11/26/16

Nov 20, 2016

11/26    The Little Things  When little things turn up in love songs, they take on dimension and the weight of emotions deeply felt.

In life and in love, it's often the little things that matter most!  This week on Fascinatin' Rhythm, Michael Lasser shows us classic examples of love songs that focus on the small details.  Tune in on Classical 91.5!

11/19    One Damn Thing After Another  Catalogue songs that rely on wit to lay out our endlessly messy lives.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Broadway Trios - 11/12/16

Nov 6, 2016

11/12    Broadway Trios - An often-rollicking crescendo from many of the best Broadway musicals, trios offer close harmony, bouncy rhythms, and three viewpoints in one.

The favorite moment from every Broadway Show is the group number - and trios are no different!  Host Michael Lasser reminds us of our favorite trios on this week's Fascinatin' Rhythm on Classical 91.5.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Dreaming Through the Forties - 11/5/16

Oct 30, 2016

11/5      Dreaming Through the Forties

Songs about dreaming are an essential part of how we faced up to the world during World War II.

In a world ravaged by war, music from pop and rock greats save and soothe the soul.

Program 1644: Cliff Friend, Hello Bluebird

Cliff Friend sometimes wrote words, sometimes music, sometimes both. And he always wrote hits.