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Tue 4/18 @ 1:00p Members of Publick Musick present a cantata by Weckmann

Mar 27, 2017

Credit Expedition Audio

Weckmann:  Wie liegt die Stadt so wuest

Laura Heims, soprano; Micha Bouvier, baritone; Boel Gidholm & Mary Riccardi, Baroque violins; Christel Thielmann, Rosamund Morley and Cora Swenson Lee, viola da gamba; Naomi Gregory and Edoardo Bellotti, organ.

Publick Musick, a Baroque group that plays on period instruments, joined forces with renowned early music singers to create a program “Of Heaven and Earth,” in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Matthais Weckmann.

The concert was recorded November 13, 2016 in Christ Church, Rochester.

Read an interview with Christopher Haritatos (cello) and Boel Gildholm (violin), who lead Publick Musick.