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Mar 30, 2017

Theater by Carsten René Nielsen, translated by David Keplinger, read by Kyle Semmel

Born in 1966, Carsten René Nielsen is the author of nine books of poetry and one book of flash fiction (1989-2012), including Cirkler (Circles, 1998), Clairobscur (Clairobscur, 2001), Enogfyrre dyr (Forty-One Animals, 2005) and Husundersøgelser (House Inspections, 2008).

WXXI Poetry Moments are created in collaboration with Rochester-based BOA Editions, in celebration of National Poetry Month.

Carsten René Nielsen's selected prose poems, The World Cut Out with Crooked Scissors, was published in English by New Issues Poetry and Prose in 2007 and his most recent collection of prose poems, House Inspections, by BOA Editions in November 2011, both translated by American poet David Keplinger. His poetry has been featured in magazines in Italy, Germany, Canada and the United States. He has been awarded the Michael Strunge Poetry Prize and has won several fellowships from the Danish State Foundation for the Arts.