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John Rutter's attachment to Christmas

Dec 19, 2017

Credit Andrew Testa for The New York Times

Composer John Rutter is to Christmas music as scotch tape is to bow and ribbons.

In this New York Times profile by Michael White, the composer says being attached to Christmas doesn't bother him:

“I used to think that was a problem,” Mr. Rutter said, surveying from his kitchen window the absurdly perfect village he calls “idyllic, if a bit Miss Marple.” He worried that people wouldn’t take his other music seriously. “But I’m not unhappy to be associated with Christmas: better than famine, flood or war,” he said.

“And I think now of the carols as shortcuts into a listener’s musical universe. So when people come up and say, ‘You’re the guy who wrote “What Sweeter Music” or the “Shepherd’s Pipe Carol,” ’ that’s fine,” he continued, referring to two of his Christmas standards. “Hopefully they’ll get to know I’ve written other things, as well.”