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Echoes Sonic Seasonings 2017, Saturday 12/16/17 9:00pm

Nov 29, 2017

Australian pianist Fiona Joy
Credit ABC Music

"Echoes Sonic Seasonings" is a different kind of Christmas show. It features music for the season that goes beyond the traditional carols. You'll hear one or two of them, but in reimagined form. You'll also hear new sounds for the season, a Christmas of the imagination.

This year's show features two acclaimed instrumentalists: First is Fiona Joy. She's an Australian pianist who is one of the top New Age pianists working in a neo-classical sound. She is currently a member of the all-star group, FLOW which includes Windham Hill Records founder and guitarist Will Ackerman. She comes in to play music from her "Christmas Joy" and "Signature Solo" albums.

The second half of the show features guitarist Tom Caufield. He is an endlessly inventive artist who takes acoustic guitar and sends it into new dimensions with each album. His latest album, "Wash the Dusk with Silver" is a luminous chamber music work, while his album, "I Heard It Was Christmas Day" was cited as the best seasonal album of 2016. Tom will play arrangements from this album live on Sonic Seasonings.