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December 2017: Fiesta

Nov 29, 2017

12/7      Lost but Not Forgotten  Throughout history some composers reached immense popularity to just be quickly forgotten, many times for reasons unknown.  On this episode of Fiesta we will share some of the lost composer of Latin American and share some of their greatest music.

12/14    Music after Jorge Luis Borges  The great Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges excerpts a particular fascination on composers from different parts of the world. In this case, we will feature works based on Borges’ narrations by composers such as Mario Lavista (Mexico), Diego Vega (Colombia) and Enric Riu (Catalonia/Spain). Also, in 1965 Astor Piazzolla and Jorge Luis Borges released a historical LP with the title El Tango in which the champion of New Tango put music to Borges’ poetry.

Credit Huffington Post

12/21    Latin American Christmas Carols 2017  A selection of villancicos or Christmas carols from Spain and Latin America will be featured on this Christmas themed program from Fiesta.  Join us for music that spans several centuries and a great diversity of influences and traditions. 

12/28    Latin American Mix Tape 2  Fiesta presents a selection of the program’s favorite composer and works since the beginning of the program.  We will be featuring some of the most important classical music of Latin America from the 16th to the 21st century.